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The Structural Features of Magnetic Separator


Structural features of magnetic separator: the type of HMDS magnetic separator using upstream slot structure, Magnetic separator is applicable to large feed occasionally. The lost of magnetic material would be controlled at the lowest level when top magnetic concentrate is not necessary. HMDS-type magnetic separator is mainly made up of the permanent magnet drum, tank, ore box, tank stand, magnetic system adjusting device and power transmission devices and other components. 
Permanent magnet drum of magnetic separator is comprised by magnetic system and the cylinder; it is the most important part of magnetic separator. Permanent magnet drum rotate and rotate, the magnetic material which is on the shell of the drum will be taken out of magnetic field. And fine ore will be taken off under the effect of rinse water and self weight.  
The magnetic system is composed by the magnet and the yoke. The magnet is high coercive force of strontium ferrite magnets and high coercively NdFeB magnets, they have very good resistance to demagnetization, the role of the magnetic yoke is that linking magnet and composing of magnetic circuit, whose character is no magnetic field on the back of the yoke, however there is open magnetic field above the magnet. Magnetic field strength is weak, but the magnetic field is depth, this feature is suitable for choosing the strong magnetic minerals. 

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