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The Origin and Characteristics of Cone Mill


 The world's first patented cone crusher published in 1878 to 1898 was made products. The United States in the late 1800s began to use a cone crusher. Spring cone crusher is Milwaukee Simmons brothers designed, so named it Simmons cone crusher. So far, about a hundred years of history of the aircraft, although gradual improvement, structure maturing, but no significant change in the basic structure. Imitation of the Soviet Union 2100 and 1650 spring cone crusher in 1954 on the basis of their own design and production of the 1200 spring cone crusher. 1958 also design and manufacture of a large 2200 spring cone crusher. After years of repeated research and practice, have to overcome the deficiencies of the old series of spring pressure, low intensity and some shortcomings on the part structure, is now mass-spring cone crusher has 600,900,1200,1750,2200 five specifications 14 kinds of cavities.

The machine has a hydraulic system to adjust the crusher setting the size of Japan, the hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment. When a foreign body in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system allows the dynamic cone under automatic withdrawal, when the foreign body is discharged, the system of the lower back of the moving cone crusher cavity automatic reset means moving cone and fixed cone formation geometry of the question space. Shape of the crushing chamber great influence on the overall performance. Crusher cavity is broken main technical indicators. Labyrinth seals, replace the water seal used in the past, so that dust can not enter the man-machine body of impurities, thus ensuring clean Run edible vegetable oil, extending the slide bearing, thrust ball bearing life, making the machine reliable operation. Cone crusher new structure to replace the broken wall very quickly. The machine selected high voltage displacement transducers, port of discharge position adjustment is performed in the operating room. As long as a button, it displays the operating table, you can see the need to adjust the size of the port of discharge, very convenient and accurate. The crusher is suitable for crushing metal mine concentrator third or fourth paragraph broken; used in building material or non-metallic mining and civil engineering, especially the lack of civil engineering required to supply natural sand areas.

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