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Problems in Continuous Process of Bauxite Ball Milling


 Currently, bauxite grinding process is controlled by the operator manually operated using the method according to the long-term experience. Field surveyors timing sieve size and concentration detection classification overflow, and then by the operator based on the measured data to adjust the amount of water each link to further control the particle size and concentration of the next moment. At the same time due to the nature of the bauxite, the device and the process itself, so that there is a problem throughout the process:

1, Bauxite grinding process is a closed system, a number of factors, and the wet ball mill entrance under variable quantity, to the water, back to a number of factors and the amount of sand mine water discharge, flow and other AIDS mutual coupling, such as to when a large amount of ore, overflow flow and return will be a corresponding increase in the amount of sand, back to the amount of sand and water also increased rise time of discharge water. Moreover, these factors have a strong uncertainty, making the grinding mechanism is very complex.
2, Feeding a large disturbance. Our bauxite mostly a diaspore type mine, quarry and foreign gibbsite compared to low grade, selective fragmentation strong specificity, and frequent changes in mineral resources, different batches ore crushing nature of the times sometimes vary greatly, however, bauxite crushing characteristics of different unknown, production conditions can not be adjusted according to the nature of the ore.
3, Some of the key variables can not be detected, for example, wet ball mill discharge and return sand ore transported through the chute, the flow can not be measured: closed due to wet ball mill structure, rotating strike other craft work particularity makes grinding concentration can not be directly real-time measurement; changes inside the wet ball mill can not know at present, can only be based on the experience of staff to determine the next action based on a small amount of information, so there is blindness control, resulting in large fluctuations in the process, seriously affecting the pulp. quality, limiting the mill processing capacity, energy consumption and large steel consumption.
4, Study of a diaspore flotation characteristics show that, under the circumstances to meet the desired particle size flotation, to try to put a rough diaspore size and gangue minerals can help the flotation (1191 however the actual production of particle content in only * 200 mesh to inspect, without regard to the content of the finer granules of (for example, a 325 mesh) · 200 mesh particle content in proportion, the material could easily lead to excessive wear.
5, Due to excessive precipitation of ore slurry, resulting in sampling and analysis of data errors exist, mass balance allowed.
6, Transfer rate in the wet ball mill with constant speed below the critical speed, the ball never change with loading capacity and other operating conditions and adjusted to optimize operations exist to increase space productivity.

Therefore, bauxite grinding and classification process modeling, in order to further optimize the control is necessary. However, it is precisely these problems so that the ball mill grinding process is very complex and difficult to use a simple model to describe, modeling cause difficulties.

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