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Note The Use of Precautions Ultra Fine Grinding in Ball Mill


 Ultrafine grinding in a ball mill, the use of aids can greatly improve grinding efficiency materials. This paper describes the use of aids precautions.
Use aids must have the proper conditions. In general, porous, easy to wear loose mineral aggregate, already high speed grinding, grinding aids cracks occurred too late to wear nuanced role, so ineffective use of aids. Based aids to reduce the hardness of the adsorption theory, the role of grinding aid is to enter microscopic cracks and prevent healing. If the force is too large, a blow on the full crushing, grinding aids will show no effect. Therefore, when using a ball mill grinding aids best adjust speed, while selecting the appropriate size of milling media is important. The same kind of grinding aids, for the same mineral, due to the different nature of the slurry will have different results, we must attract attention. For example, ammonium lauryl grinding aid of quartz, quartz in alkaline pulp easy ground, but in the acidic pulp, then it reduces ground speed. Aids aids often divided into liquid, solid grinding aids, aids and mixed gas aids. In the ceramics factory, raw materials are generally more difficult to grind quartz, feldspar and frit, aids should make choices for their material characteristics. In tiles factory, the main raw material is difficult to grind low porcelain sand, its mineral composition is mainly albite and K-feldspar, should be used for K-feldspar and albite effective aids. In glazed factories, brick main hard ground into quartz sand and high temperatures (which is very high quartz content) should be selected for the quartz aids. For glaze, many manufacturers use frit, you should choose the glass (glass frit genus) effective aids. In short, to deal with the different components of hard grind, you should choose a different aids.

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