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Improvement of Hammer Crusher from Xinguang


 Zhengzhou xinguang mining machinery is a professional manufacturer, we have a high level in improvement of hammer crusher, and the improvement can be divided into the following five points:

1. The selection of high fatigue strength of materials and provisions to improve and strengthen the process of heat treatment material fatigue strength.
2. To improve the surface quality of hammer crusher spindle. For example, the surface stress at higher spindle machining area was relatively smooth. Or, if some shaft section, working in corrosive media, will have to provide appropriate section of the shaft surface protection.
3. As much as possible to reduce or eliminate the initial crack size hammer crusher spindle surface may occur, for extending the fatigue life has to improve material properties more significant role. Therefore, an important segment of the shaft in the design drawings should specify the rigorous testing methods and requirements.
4. As much as possible to reduce the impact of stress concentration hammer crusher shaft. This is the most important measure to improve the fatigue strength and the main way. Hammer crusher spindle shape and size of the mutant structure (such as the shoulder) is the structural causes of stress concentration and, therefore, in order to reduce stress concentration, should minimize the parts (the spindle) structural shapes and sizes so that the mutation changes smooth and uniform as possible. Therefore, to increase the radius at the transition as much as possible; the same - a rigid section at the adjacent shaft segment changes should be as small and so on. In the inevitable to have a greater structural stress concentration, can be used to offload slots reduce the stress concentration effects.
5. Cooling, reducing the load for the heat of friction journal take cool design, but also can significantly improve the fatigue life. Because the spindle hammer crusher is a rotating member, so certain number of weeks of operation at low stress, and then gradually increased to the stress level design.

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