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Four Problems of Wearable Ball Machine


 1. Feed System Problems
Existing wheel hydraulic feed system is difficult to meet the requirements of automatic control in the whole process, the workers need to constantly be adjusted to increase the labor intensity, easy to automate the processing, it is difficult to ensure the processing quality, and in order to ensure grinding wheel pressure, the hydraulic system must continue to hold pressure, causing the motor to work long hours, the system energy consumption greatly, increased production costs, leaking hydraulic system seriously affect plant processing environment.

2. Feed System Problems
Existing hard mill in the grinding process, raceways processed through a ball mill grinding steel balls randomly disorderly fall mouth feed tray rotation, making small precision grinding has reached or size repeat grinding ball mill grinding steel balls in the raceway, ball mill grinding steel balls can not guarantee that processing times in raceways equality impact mill grinding steel balls and other processed into a circular cutting probability and size selectivity, thus affecting the ball-resistant processing quality ball mill, ball mill grinding steel balls resulting in invalid duplicate processing, severely reducing the efficiency of the hard-grinding mill.
In addition, the ball mill grinding steel balls through slip scull and the dispenser under gravity to an approximately uniform interval and speed are arranged into the scull Mopangou such has reached the required precision ball mill grinding steel balls and the mill does not meet the accuracy requirements grinding steel balls grinding together. Can not be achieved rough, bad processed separately, resulting in bite wounds between mill grinding steel balls, hitting scratches and punctate burns, wear-resistant steel ball mill affect machining accuracy.

3. Dust-proof of Machine
Hard-mill dust control measures existing poor outside debris can easily enter the bed rail surface, grinding wheel surface, the impact of the ball mill grinding steel balls processing, component life.

4. Bed Problems
Machine rails need for frequent replacement of conventional ball mill, because the side rails badly worn, it is because the hard mill currently most used type of bed height, so that the bed is not located in the center of the front center of the rail, resulting in both sides of the rail uneven force, which gives the driver the headstock feed system to maintain balanced pressure grinding wheel surface makes it difficult, making the disc grinding wheel surface uneven force, affecting the quality of grinding ball mill grinding steel balls, and the level of style bed complex manufacturing process.

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