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Factors Affect the Efficiency of Ball Mill


 Ball mill is a equipment that take advantage of the steel ball as grinding media to grind the raw materials. Its structure is simple, thew performance of ball mill is stable, it has the large crushing ratio. The ball mill not only grind the wet materials, but also grind the dry materials. It can be used to grind all kinds of mineral materials. It has fine applicability, it is easy to automate control. So the ball mill is the most common and versatile equipment in the building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industry.
Xinguang Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers in producing high efficiency and energy-saving mining machinery in Henan Province, China. We mainly provide ball mills, stone crushers, magnetic separators, floatation machines, pelletizers, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, sand-washing machines, belt conveyors, driers and rotary kilns. Today Xinguang will show factors affect the effciency of ball mill.
Firstly, it is about feeding. Try to feed evenly, not erratic, and also ensure that the size is particle, not too big or too small. Follow the instruction of manual or what installation personnel says not allowing the metallic objects going into the device, and if it does, stop the ball mill and check it.
Secondly, it is the humidity of material. The feeding moisture of ball mill is required, generally less than 6%. If it is above the standard, the material will adhere to ball mill  during the grinding, thus resulting in lower productive efficiency of ball mill, and also blocking the air circulation channel and discharge opening of analysis ball mill etc. It would lead to lower production and also damage the ball mill.
Finally, the material should not be too hard to avoid a certain load for the ball mill, which will bring tremendous pressure to the quick-wear roller and grinding ring. Frequent replacement of wearing parts and output needed to increase will eventually cause the profit of customer reducing.
In the daily work, we also need to notice some details to ensure the efficiency and quality of production, such as regular maintenance of the ball mill,following the instruction to operation, and letting the machine have a rest after a long time of working.
Xinguang adopts imported material and advanced techniques for our product manufacturing. We expect your choice and prepare to provide you with heartfelt service at any time. Welcome to visit our factory.

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