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Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits of Lignite Dryer


 The traditional lignite dryer due to the higher cost, and low productivity of small magnitude of dehydration, application in the industry is not a lot. But with the changing times and technology development, improve the development of machinery and equipment has become this era essential part of the big torrent. Below, Zhengzhou Xinguang mine as we explain below, I plant for the future improvement of lignite dryer, its benefits in terms of economic, social and environmental how.

First, lignite dryer drying method commonly used conventional centrifugal mechanical dewatering, expensive equipment, low productivity, low margin dehydration, usually only one precipitation 10%. The remaining 15-20% moisture content. Xinguang Machinery H type rotary dryer lignite, lignite took the first break and then heat dried dispersion of new technology, so the drying process the material to achieve a continuous, industrialization and automation. After drying lignite sludge treatment process water wet lignite from 25% to 30% to 13% less coal is used as fuel, and improve coal washing process, with good economic, social and environmental benefits.

Rotary dryer lignite, brown coal is dried in ensuring the quality of the same circumstances, the use of low-temperature four drying process, the lignite water evaporation to below 13% moisture content.
One stage drying zone under a high temperature high humidity state at 400 ℃ remove most of the water, to ensure that the chemical composition of lignite is not changed and is nonflammable;
Two stage stage drying zone at room temperature 300 ℃, the wind force by temperature yielding than water, to ensure lignite no coking;
Three stage drying zone indoor temperature 120 ℃-210 ℃, the use of the drum crushing device, repeatedly hit, broken materials, downstream drying;
Four stage drying zone for high exhaust area, room temperature 60 ℃-80 ℃, cited by negative pressure air system low temperature hot air exclude moisture.
1. Lignite dryer strong anti-overload, large capacity, low fuel consumption, low drying costs;
2. Downstream drying methods, smoke and wet material from the same side into the dryer, you can take advantage of high temperature gas to get high evaporation intensity, dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency.

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