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How to Choose Ball Mill Manufacturer or Ball Mill Equipment


When you choose the type of ball mill, you must choose the right ball mill equipment and manufacturer.

1. Choose the energy-saving ball mill to the great extent.
2. Know the ore fineness required.
3. Choose the right diameter and length of the ball mill according to the output requirement.
4. Buy it from the professional ball mill manufacturer relative to your ore which would be best. 
5. Choose the new-type transformation ball mill with the rotate speed different from the module.
6. Choose the aperture of the close board and the sub-freight space according to the ore fineness of your demand.
7. Choose the lining board material and set the thickness of the steel plate on the mill body by the price of the ball mill.
8. Select the modules of the big gear and pinion, and the manufacturers of the electric motor and the speed reducer.

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