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  • Hot Air Furnace

Hot Air Furnace

  • Fuel: coal, wood pellets
  • Heating Mode: Indirect hot air heating
  • Feeding Mode: automatic feeding

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Work principle:
GL series chain grate furnace is a specially designed hot air generator by burning coal and biomass pellets. It is mainly consisted by chain grate, mechanical drive system, combustion chamber, feeding system, ash remover, blower and temperature control system.
When coal is automatically fed into the feeding hopper, the moving chain grate on which coal burns carries the coal from the feeding hopper into the combustion chamber and moves the cinder to the other end for discharging. The cinder drops into a cinder pit and be removed by a screw conveyer.After heated, the hot air (800-1000 ℃) will be discharged by the exhaust fan for drying or heating process. Tubular type heat exchanger can be installed after the furnace to get clean hot air.

Technical advantages
1) Flexibility for various kinds of fuels: Chain grate can perfectly burn various kinds of fuels which have uniform size, such as coal, wood pellets etc.
2) Perfect and complete combustion: The thickness of coal spread onto the grate is adjustable and the combustion air can be evenly introduced into the combustion chamber and penetrate through the grate to create perfect burning condition.
3) Good insulation and high heat efficiency: the heat insulation layer is 600 mm which can make sure the surface temperature of furnace is about 30 °C. Less heat loss and complete combustion can guarantee the heat efficiency reach 90%.
4) Long life-span: the combustion chamber frame is made by high strength steel and lined by casting heat resistant cement and firebricks. The grate bar is made by heat resistant alloy steel. The normal life-span can reach 10 years.
5) Automatic operation: fuel feeding, ash discharging and grate moving are all automatic.
6) Stable output temperature: Temperature control is achieved by accurately regulating the combustion air, grate movement and feeding rate. All the fans are equipped with inverters. Grate drive motors are stepless speed regulating type.
7) Safety measures: exhaust fan is equipped to create negative pressure burning condition. Ash removing port is water sealed. The negative pressure and sealed burning chamber can make sure operation safety as well as cooling the grate. 
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